Saturday, September 08, 2007

An Evening Exchange

Tonight as we walked from the pizza place to the shoe store (you can't go shoe shopping on an empty stomach) I said to my daughters something about really needing them to behave while we were shopping to make the trip as quick and painless as possible. Then I felt the need to drag it out with how unnerving it is for me when they constantly fight, bicker, moan and complain and how they were really out of control earlier and that it's just not OK. I think my ending line was "You guys are just really making me crazy."

As per the usual, my youngest didn't skip a beat when she answered back, "Having kids is really hard Mom."

What can I say but she's a master of deductive reasoning?


Wil's Wheels said...

ROTFLOL...yeah mom, didn't you realize that before you signed on?

Melody A. said...

Boy, does the truth hurt. Too funny.