Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Well Well Well

My daughters aren't all that messy. I mean, I guess it's nothing that really is an issue with us. I will admit that my youngest daughter often resembles a street urchin but more than anything else, it's her bedhead that dictates that. Oh, and her clothing. And that fact that she goes barefoot almost all the time. Um, OK, well, so like I said, my kids aren't all that messy so I haven't carried wipes around with us for quite some time. Many of my friends with preschool aged children still tote around the wipes for anything and everything. But, not us. I will admit that I have some antibacterial something or other in my side pocket of my car door but that's only used once in a while. Like when my kids remind me that they've been playing all day at school and are about to dig in to some greasy french fries. Oh, OK then, better sanitize! Greasy fries are one thing, germy greasy fries, not so much.

I didn't really realize it but letting my kids eat germs must have been a thing I once took pride in. Weird, I know. But, once when we were out with the kids getting ice cream, my girl friend asked to borrow a Wipe. I smugly replied, ""my kids don't need them." We exchanged a glance back and forth not exactly sure what to say next. She finally rolled her eyes at me and we both cracked up. Fast forward to Clean Well entering the picture about 6 months later. I am a changed woman. I am Wipe Mom, super clean, super eco, super proud. Thanks Clean Well for showing me the err of my ways!

Clean Well is a new hand-sanitizing product that comes not only in a Wipe but also in this svelte and sexy little spray bottle that feels good in your hands. And I'm not even talking about the spray itself yet! I'm here to tell you, I can't hardly resist me some good packaging. So, yes, the spray. Light and lovely. Easy to pump and it dries quickly and leaves your hands feeling normal again in seconds. Not sticky or gooey or smelling of menthol (like the mystery product from my car that I finally threw out). Ick. I will admit that Clean Well had my interest piqued the minute I experienced the website (even before I got the product to try) . I was not only impressed by the visual vibe (what can I say, that stuff sells me) but also the entire idea behind the newest, freshest product on the market. When the goods arrived, they did not disappoint. I'll put it this way, one of the mini spray bottles was stolen from me, by my daughter, who keeps it in the front pocket of her lunch cooler. She has become Sanitizer Girl and all the kids gather round for a super squirt before lunch. When the kids want to use it, it's a gooood thing.

The other evening when the kids and I went to grab a pizza with the fore mentioned friend of mine and her daughter, she made commented at the end of the meal that she didn't have a Wipe. And then her eyes met mine and we locked gazes and squinted at each other in kind of a Jerry and Newman moment. "Ah ha! But I do," and out came the big Clean Well Wipes. As I held up the individually wrapped Wipe she gasped, "What it this adorable thing?" snatched it out of my hands, proceeded to tear it open, inhale the lemony fresh scent, unfold the very large Wipe and breathed, "Mmmmm, yummy, where can I get some of these?" So, now, you have proof that this stuff is awesome. Not just from me, but from one of the original Wipe Moms and that's sayin' something.

If you want to know what's in this uber sanitizer and how it works (all-natural, safe for baby, alcohol-free, etc, etc) you can read all about it on the site because it's all there in gorgeous green and white. If you want to know how it is, up close and personal, then you probably can tell by now, I'm into it.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Prince Charming

Since my little sister is getting married in March and my step-brother is getting married in May there has been a lot of talk about weddings around here.

Today in the car, out of the blue my youngest daughter sighs, "I want to get married."
"You do?" I ask, "Well, you can get married when you grow up. Who do you want to marry?"
"Daddy" she replied dreamily.
"What else do you want to do when you grow up?" thinking this was a good time to sneak a peek into her head.
"Be a doctor" she says.
"Great," I say, "And anything else?"
"Ride my big bike" she says and rolls her eyes as if she's tired of me probing.
I summarize, "So, you want to marry Daddy, be a doctor and ride your big bike when you grow up."
She sighs again and tilts her head against the car seat, "Daddy is sooooooo handsome."

And although I wholeheartedly agree, I'm now convinced she's seen one too many Princess movies.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

What's in a Photoblog?

I was recently asked if I consider any of my blogs (and you know I have many) to be photoblogs. Ahem, well, I'm not exactly sure. I write a lot about photography and post photos too at Picture This so yes, I think I would say that makes it a photoblog. Or does it? I can't really say one way or another.

Does a true photoblog have to showcase only photographic images without words, explanations or "how-to" tips? I do have one of those photoblogs that floats around in the background behind my busier blogs; understated and pale due to my neglect and lack of blog traffic. I love it but I don't post to it much these days. It seems that I have gotten caught up by adding words to everything I do. I have a website that speaks to passers-by in a visual language but I do long to continue this non-verbal communication in other ways.

So, now this question I'm pondering has given me a little nudge. A reminder that I love images without words. I so enjoy observing a single photograph and allowing for my own translation of that image pour over me; to stir and be stirred, to share the way I see things, or to see another perspective, to have thoughts and feelings pulse through me from an intimate visual experience between myself and a photograph.

So why don't I just get over there and post more?

OK. I will.

(thanks sissy for the reminder)

Friday, February 02, 2007

The Ultimate Compliment

nominee banner
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My little ol' blog Mother May I was nominated by someone whom I greatly admire for "The Happiest Blog" at the Share the Love Blog Awards hosted by One Woman's World.

I am in the company of some incredible bloggers over there so I'm all a flutter with just seeing my blog listed with theirs. Sigh.

Go check it out and vote for your favs. I did.