Monday, September 10, 2007

Wii Love

It's not big news to most of you that my family has and looooooves the Nintendo Wii. After my first Ambassador post it seemed the entire world wanted to know if in fact the photos of our party were even real. Like anyone would make this up. Because of my Ambassadorship we get lots of great games to check out and with each one we've tried, there is someone in the house that takes a liking to it.

For our latest go round, we got to test drive the new Wii Boogie for The Parent Blogger Network and let me tell you, my daughter has been dancing and singing ever since. And she does not sing so, it's a pretty big deal. Her karaoke schedule has changed slightly since school has started but the last days of summer began with early morning Wii Boogie sessions. I'm not kidding. I have photos to prove it,

That's my 9-year-old in her PJs, bedhead and all, doing her thang at 8am.

I might not have been able to say that I'm all that hip to hearing pop music streaming through my house in the ungodly hours of the morning but when you're talking classics from The Jackson 5, it's not as bad as it seems.

Because I'm not too big a karaoke fan/choreographed dancer myself and my youngest would rather be knocking people out playing the Wii boxing game, my oldest plays solo unless my husband is in a mood and then he'll dig up some crazy 80's song and go nuts. It's happened.

Her friend did come over yesterday and they had quite a time of it. As his mother and I sat in another room catching up, we heard a pretty hilarious round of "a little bit of Carla in my life, a little bit of Monica by my side..." Not bad for a 10-year-old. Heck, not bad for a 40-year-old either.

From what the other moms are saying, Wii Boogie is a hit in other homes too. Read all about the dance antics at The Parent Blogger's Wii Boogie post.


Wil's Wheels said...

I really want a Wii, but the daddy of the house won't give in. :(

Love the bedhead dancer!

Chris said...

We have a Wii and having only boys, they aren't too interested in Wii Boogie. It's 'too girly' they say. However, we did take it to my mom's today and it was hilarious watching her play tennis with the boys. It wore her out! We now have Wii Night once a week where we play the Wii as a family. I must say, it's pretty darned fun!

Anonymous said...

DOOD. I could so use some Wii Boogie this morning. Every morning. I'm saving up starting today. :)