Sunday, October 14, 2007

Deception Done Right

I won't pretend that I'm into cookbooks. I'm not. But I was curious about all the buzz that was going on about Jessica Seinfeld's latest Deceptively Delicious especially when I heard the twist--getting your kids to eat healthy foods without complaining. OK, I'm listening.

When I got the book in the mail I let my daughter open it. She's totally into cookbooks so I figured it'd be perfect for her. Not so much. As soon as she got the gist of what this cookbook was all about she was stunned that "deceiving" her and her sister was something that I was scheming to do. She kept repeating questions like, "You wouldn't do that to us would you?". As a matter of fact she asked me what I was trying to sneak into her food for days. And truthfully I told her nothing because I have yet to try one of the recipes. I'm kind of lazy like that. But that's not to say I don't want to because DANG, the pictures in the book look deeeeelish. And being the highly visual person that I am, I can also tell you that the entire book looks good enough to eat. It feels good in your hands, the illustrations are adorable, the binding easy to lay open on a counter (or for me, my nightstand), and colors are enticing.

So, yes, I've read the cookbook (hence the nightstand comment) but I have yet to cook with it. But that does not mean I wouldn't recommend it. Because I would. Partly because I absolutely know that if I met Jessica Seinfeld, I would love her. I know it because peppered throughout the pages of recipes are random commentaries about table rules, tips to get your kids to help with meals, common mealtime pitfalls and how to avoid them which convinced me that Jessica is the kind of mom I strive to be. I was already sold but when I came to the page "It's About the Celebration, Not the Sugar" I wanted to give Jessica a bit grateful hug. A woman after my own heart! Her short paragraph about the misuse (or as I call it the abuse) of sugar in the name of celebration I finally felt like there was someone who was in my corner. I actually called a friend of mine who also feels strongly about the issue and read her the paragraph! Kudos Jessica for sharing your convictions with the world. And I appreciate it even more because there are actually recipes for desserts (Jessica doesn't deprive her family or her readers of sweets) with the addition of ingredients like chickpeas in the mix. Imagine, chocolate chip cookies that pack a punch of protein? Brilliant!

Thank you Jessica for sharing with us not only recipes to help us keep our children on the right path but for openly sharing with the masses the way you keep order and joy (at the same time) in your own family life. I am impressed on many levels. Now, if I could only get excited about cooking, I'd try a recipe. I really would. Hey, maybe I could get my daughter to be an accomplice in the delicious deceit. She might actually be into that. Check me out, I'm coming up with my own clever twists! I guess Jessica is rubbing off on me already.

For more reviews on Deceptively Delicious, check out The Parent Bloggers Network and if you'd like to win a copy visit Harper Collins.


darbie said...

I've tried a few recipes and I love them! You really can't tell there are veggies in them! My son loves the brownies with spinach. My sister in law and I made a party out of making purees and it was so fun and only half the work. I was really surprised by how delicious the stuff is. Go ahead, try them!

Melissa Stover said...

i wondered about this book. saw it on oprah. but i don't think i would do it.

D'Andrea said...

I'm always into being sneaky.. food wise. I love a good cook book and am usually trying to improvise by adding extra protien and nutrients in my cooking so I may check this one out. While standing in the book store drinking a late. I'd like to think my puree days are over now that my boys have teeth.