Sunday, February 26, 2006

OK, so what I’ve realized is that getting my very own blog site definitely hasn’t made me a blogger. Damn. I was so hoping it would be that easy. And I was all hyped up about limiting myself to once a week. And here I am, weeks later, postless. There are a million reasons why I haven’t written but I do have an excuse du jour. My “used to be a great sleeper” 2-year-old has pulled a 180 and is playing the “Hey Mom, Let’s Pretend I’m a Newborn Again” game and has been up several times a night over the last month yelling out to me to rub her back or cover her up or wanting to watch a show at 4:45 in the morning. It’s just not right. And now after an extended period of time with sleep deprivation, I’m not right. I’m all wrong as a matter of fact. I feel it’s legit.

Next time I’m sure I’ll have a different excuse but I can guarantee you whatever it is, I’ll be blaming it on Motherhood in one way or another. It’s only my third post and I’m showing all my cards people- here goes- I am a mother of two incredibly amazing daughters who on a regular basis has a hell of a time being the mother of two incredibly amazing daughters.

I’m sure many mothers out there know exactly what that means and can commiserate. And for that I am grateful. Over the last few weeks I have been totally enraptured by some of the mommy bloggers I have come across. I am inspired beyond words and giddy and thankful and relieved and amazed at the honesty, humor, and gravity of all that is being written and shared. It is utterly mind-blowing. I have loved every minute of discovering this new world, this oddly comforting virtual support system. How much more surreal can that be?

So now my goal is to learn how to better use the tools of this blasted site and get links to these incredibly courageous women listed on my little blogspot. And, alright, maybe a few hundred pictures of my unbearably gorgeous girls. Did I mention they are smart and witty and charming too? My 8-year-old wants to be a scientist and my non-sleeping toddler pointed to Dora in a doctor uniform tonight and stated she wants to be"that".
Beauty and brains. Gotta love it.

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well there you are girl! I've been checking back to read your next post. It's amazing what is our there in the blog world. There are so many mom's talking about their successes and trials being a mom, wife, working a job, being a single mom, and taking time for herself. Isn't it inspiring?! I will post tonight. I look forward to all your thoughts and will keep checking. Geesh I miss you.