Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Houston, we've got weather.
(I know, I know, big deal. I just wanted an excuse to take a picture of these rain boots.)


nancy@lightonance.com said...

I love the colors in this and the framing! Is that julia or iris? SUCH cuties and you're such a great mom Trace. I've seen you in action.

tracey clark said...

thanks sweet nance-it's my iris girl. she has a love affair with umbrellas (rain or shine and even in the house-Al is sure she's hexed us with bad "open umbrella in the house" luck!)

Mom101 said...

What a spectacular photograph! Leave it to the pros to make us amateurs look, well...amateur.

Thanks so much for the blogroll mention, and for the kind words over at my place. LA is my home away from home (my office is based there)so generally it's a little more Fred Segal and a little less Universal Studios. But maybe I'll take you up on your generous offer next time I'm out there and you can point the way towards all things hip, fabulous and photogenic.

tracey clark said...

mom 101-indeed! do contact me and we'll meet and talk, if nothing else, about how incredibly gorgeous and talented our daughters are! bring your cell pix!