Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Me Me Me

As I was digging around looking for a photo for Love Thursday, I read Stacy's Theme Thursday for the week and thought, hey, I love self-portraits as much as the next guy...why not head outside and click off a few? The one above is a crop of some I decided to shoot for my Love Thursday pic.

And then I figured I'd include a little list of weird things about me because I was tagged by Brown Eyed Mama for the meme. What fun! I haven't done one in a really long time so I thought I'd give it a go. Come to think of it, I may have done one like it a long time ago. Oh well, I need something to do to keep me busy while I am putting off all the stuff on my to-do list.

1. I have been taking self-portraits since I was in college.
2. I hate when my feet feel dirty.
3. I love The Grateful Dead.
4. I'm totally into self-help books (of the ethereal kind).
5. Hamburgers are my favorite food.
6. I usually learn best (although perhaps not efficiently) by making stuff up as I go along.
7. 75% of the time I shoot with my camera on automatic. And no, I don't consider it cheating.

These might not be too enthralling but 'weird' stuff isn't that easy to see in yourself. Maybe I should have asked my family to make a list for me. Or maybe not.

And to keep the meme rolling....I tag

Melody (Slurping Life)
Melody A. (the Hip Momma's Journal)
Jessica (Moving Pictures)
Sarah-Ji (shutterbug mama)

and I think you should have to add a self-portrait, just for fun! Melody already did one today which I might add looks a lot like mine. Too cool. Great minds Melody.

OK, I think I'm supposed to add myself to the list and have you do the same. So here it is-

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And hey, anyone else who wants to play along, I tag you too!


Stacy said...

Great shot, Tracey! I love compositions like this - it adds a sense of mystery. :)

I always like to read these meme's, too. Fun facts!

Maggie said...

Great shot - I love the cropping!

I am also glad to see that someone else doesn't consider using the automatic setting as 'cheating'...I use it the vast majority of the time!

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Thanks for playing along! The name of your blog caught my eye. I love catchy titles. Then I noticed that we have the same name. Do you like it? I was just wondering. I don't think you're weird at all!

kim said...

love the self-portrait

divrchk said...

I'm so glad you use Automatic so much. I've been feeling guilty for not setting my camera to manual more often. I love the photo of you, btw.

Megan said...

love the comp on your self-portrait. somehow, one eye in a photograph often seems to reveal more than two :).

Anonymous said...

love the photo. love the GD. love burgers. find myself sweeping the hardwoods nearly everyday so keep my barefeet clean. i also shoot mostly on automatic (when chasing a kid who has time to think?) hell no, it's not cheating! you've got vision sister!

Anonymous said...

Great minds indeed, sis! ;)

On the meme, I'm with you on 2, 3, 4, 6, and I now feel oh so free to frequently click my Canon over to auto. Thanks for the permission.

And thanks for the linky love.

Rose said...

Great shot, I loved the way you cropped it. Maybe I should try that, maybe I would like them of me more...


Killlashandra said...

Wow, I like the weird fact that you have been taking self portraits since college. Very cool. I like yours alot too. And I too use the auto focus and don't consider it cheating one bit. ;)

Anonymous said...

Tracey, that is a gorgeous photo. Thanks for the challenge... I'm up to it when I get back in town. Ditto, for me, on the ethereal kind with chakras, too.

Unknown said...

Love that self-portrait! I really need to do more of those...

I've played along, and my post is up now. Thanks for the tag! I also posted 7 weird photos for each 7 weird factoids. It was a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

OK, took me a little longer cuz we were moving. But here it is:

Left-handed Trees... said...

I love*love*love this shot of beautiful!