Sunday, August 05, 2007

Soul Sisters

Here's me with my heroes (blog and otherwise) in the photo booth at BlogHer 07. Jen Lemen and Myriam Joseph are just plain kick-ass women. It's as simple as that.

This shot has been posted especially for the Cool Mom Picks BlogHer 07 Scavenger Hunt.


Elaine said...

Did I tell you that I met a friend of yours while you were all off at the conference and I was stuck at home with a fresh-from-the-hospital man? I met Sophia at a coffee shop in La Mesa and I adore her. Turns out, we both adore you! Good times were had by all!

Anonymous said...


you are a HERO!! YOU!!

Katherine Gray said...

somehow i never did meet the famous jenn, but i loved meeting you & myriam on saturday. if you have any cute photos of iris, i'd love to see them. i'm such a sucker for a cute pic of my kid.

jen lemen said...

you must send me a scan of those pics! i love them. and you two. :)

Anonymous said...

What fun. I have to get to BlogHer next year.