Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Noah and His Animals Pals

Considering there isn't a day that passes that at least a few members of our family are not engaged in playing a very important game of "animals"of one type or the next, when the chance arose to check out the latest Caboodle! Collectible Toy (of the animal kind),I knew my youngest would be all over it. I had a hunch too when I heard about Noah's Pals that my oldest might want in on the action. When the delivery came and we caught a glimpse of these wonderfully packaged hand painted animals (that come in pairs...hence the hint Noah) each couple in their own boxes, it was my oldest who indeed seemed most interested. Second to me that is.

The animals themselves are delightfully detailed and each one has it's own name. My favorite is the tiny and totally adorable Derek and Delilah Dove, Universal symbols of love and peace (you can't take the hippie out of the girl). The dove pair came with an ID card (like very nifty membership card) as does each of the Noah's Pals pair. The cards are full of educational info like the animals habitat, stats, scientific name, etc. My kids love that kind of thing. And what adds to the fun is that each card has an ID code that you can plug in online at the Noah's Pet's website so you can keep track of what you have collected and what's left to collect. That's one more feature I really like about them. And that they are toys that I feel good about giving. Collecting things is cool. It gives the toys more perceived value somehow and I think helps kids take batter care of them. Or is that just me?

And speaking of...if you think Noah's Pals are something your child would like to start collecting (like mine have) they are offering a discount when you buy the whole set now (think gifts worth giving for the next year--or two). Visit amazon.com for those details. And when you do collect them all, you get a prize. Not too shabby.

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