Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Baby Loves Disco - Part 1

And so does Mama, Daddy, and Big Sister!

Saturday was the highly anticipated Baby Loves Disco "family dance party" at The Knitting Factory in Hollywood. Yes, Hollywood! There is no messing around when it comes to the very cool, ultra hip Baby Loves Disco Events. They are held in big cities, at REAL clubs. You know, night clubs. Remember those places you used to go to dance, drink, hang out, have fun pre- children? I know, it's a little cloudy but am I ringing any bells here?

If I told you that you could now go to these same clubs and do these same things with your whole family (babies and all) would you believe me? Well, it may sound too good to be true but it's not. Of course, there area few modifications. Like when you attend a Baby Loves Disco event, snacks are provided, for freeeeee. And we're not talking crappy snacks, we're talking fruit platters, sandwiches, cupcakes, and a plethora of other kid friendly munchies. Oh, and juice boxes. But, you'd better believe they sell drinks (REAL drinks) for the parents. Mmm mmmm. One more reason to go. And the free stuff doesn't end there. We got these unbearably cute BabyLegs legwarmers that, I swear if they came in my size I would totally wear, among other cool schwag.

My whole family attended the shindig as did a few friends and we all loved it. LOVED. IT. There was of course the dance floor, with a disco ball. And bubbles that dropped from the sky. And balloons, hula hoops, music makers, and more play things to keep even the busiest toddlers entertained. The music was in fact good. And spun by a real DJ. And it was loud enough and dark enough to make it cool but not too loud nor too dark. Which was a HUGE relief. So, don't worry if you think your wee ones might get too stimulated. From one over-protective mom to another, it's cool. And besdies, when it is time to take a break for a while, there is a designated Chill Out area where there were rugs laid out, pillows galore, books, games, and all sorts of things to wind your tiny dancers down.

Baby Loves Disco Day

For the rest of my photo set, go to my Flickr page.

My daughters are already picking out their disco duds for the next LA event which is set for February 10th. I'm sure even more than my words, the photos of the day speak of what a fun experience it was shakin' our groove thangs at Baby Loves Disco LA. I urge you to check out their site to see if there is one being hosted in your town. If you're lucky, there's at least one in 'Road Trip' distance.

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For a different Baby Loves Disco review from another Parent Blogger (like myself), go read what Kari had to say about her journey into the city as she and her family 'got down' at the San Francisco event. Go Kari, Go Kari!


nancy@lightonance.com said...

ah, that Hollywood photo has a great feel. makes me miss my many years in the hollyhood. i used to run up to the sign all the time from BGs house - member him?! LOL

nancy@lightonance.com said...

by the way, can i borrow someone's kid to go to one of these things - it's the greatest idea ever.

Anonymous said...

Dang! Not a Baby Disco in sight of me. If I find one, do I have to have another baby to attend? My dudes are getting way old.

Anonymous said...

We'll finally get baby Loves Disco AFTER we move away or when my kids are too old for it. We're always about 5 years behind California.

SUEB0B said...

It sounds like you had way more fun than I ever did at the Knitting Factory. I was always just mad because there was nowhere to sit.

Anonymous said...

Sounds so amazing and I love the photos.

Maybe we'll meet you at the February one when we're back in LA?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice post!

Anonymous said...

Ok, this could be fun, but PARENTS! Are we so narcissistic that we need to minaturize our adult world for children to take on as their own? Do you want your children indoctrinated and groomed into club culture at such a young age? Apparently, the answers are yes and YES!

I've never been to one of these events, might be fun. I'd check it out, honestly.

Baby might love disco, but how much will Mommy and Daddy love ADD?