Friday, November 03, 2006


OK, now I'm really scared for myself.


Anonymous said...

7 out of the 8.

holy shooby.

what now?

support group? I'll bring the chocolate chip cookies.

Jessica Fuselier said...

I'd LOVE to come over & chat with you about your "Addiction" problem, but I can't be "offline" for more than 30 mins. Sorry... But Hey, I'll email you!!!!

**Gotta go do some more surfing the web**


But seriously though,
I just might have caught the internet illness!!
: )

Jessica Fuselier said...

Dude, you should add this to the "MAMASAYSOM" site!! This week's theme is SCARY!!!

Mom101 said...


The one thing however, is that they don't distinguish what you're doing on the internet. I think there's a difference between say, gamiing and writing. Or reading the news and downloading mp3s. Maybe I'm the addict here who's justifying my actions, but I do think that that some addictions aren't all that bad.

Anonymous said...

I'm f**cked.