Sunday, May 14, 2006


Inspired by HBM call to honor the Mothers, I offer my gratitude to a great many women in my life, both of the literal mother kind as well as those women that fit the bill in other ways. Mothering is about nurturing and guidance and loving unconditionally. And I know for certain that women don't have to be Mothers to fall into this category (as we were reminded in this post today). If I listed all the women I cherish in my life, we'd all be here for days so, since this is a blog, and those that will read this are mostly bloggers or blog-readers, I will make the list for those women. I only hope that in my daily life I show my appreciation for all the rest.

First on my list is my oldest friend claddyjack who although is not a Mother yet, will be an awesome one when it's time. In High School she gave me my first journal (she handmade it) which in turn changed my life. And for the last year has implored me to begin blogging. Alas, I finally dove in. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't be here. She is an incredible woman; beautiful, funny, courageous, and inspiring. We have leaned on one another for many years and I love her dearly. Go say hello. She's got some great things to say.

Next, I celebrate one of my first MotherLifelines who was there for me daily (literally) as I navigated the treacherous MotherSeas for the first time, long before we had ever even heard the word 'blog'. Peet'sMom has saved my MotherAss on many occasions (I can only hope I've returned the favor) as we raised our babies together living mere steps between back doors. She's new on the blog scene (even newer than me) so go Love-Bomb her for me, would ya?

And now, the second time around, I've had the infamous Coffee Moms to depend on. None of which are bloggers (YET) but some of them read, I offer only words of thanks- although words could never e.v.e.r. express the love.

Today, in what I am considering a new chapter in my Motherhood story, I honor the MommyBloggers that have so generously accepted and befriended me. I somehow feel like I belong to a really special club (even if just in my own mind). I am sooo happy to be here. The woman of which I speak are on my blogroll (I will be adding some new gems I've found as well)and if there's anyone there you don't recognize, please visit and give them a big wet virtual kiss.

Lastly, to my real live Mommy who raised me in the best possible way so that I have been able to nurture my own daughters, guide them, and love them unconditionally like she did me.
I love you Mom.

I'd love you even more Mom if I could borrow those shades.


Anonymous said...

The shades are awesome but the chocolate dipped ice cream bar looks even better.

Lovely post, as usual.


Chicky Chicky Baby said...

I loooove those sunglasses!

This was a wonderful post to all the important Moms in your life. I hope you had a great mother's day.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tribute to your mom and all the women in your life.

And I'm with you on those shades - your mom is one cool looking mama.

Her Bad Mother said...

What a wondeful ode. Can I link it?

Happy, happy Mom's Day to you! said...

What a great picture! You know that Iris looks just like you, right? Trace, such warm words, thank you! I just adore you and can't express what your friendship has meant to me all these years. And to be included in a mother's day shout out, I'm so touched.