Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The last few days have been strange and somber. Both girls have been sick (house-bound, no school, lethargic, high-fever sick) with what the doctors are still calling just a virus (we can only hope). And if that isn't tough enough, we had to put our lovely cat Pearl to sleep. Sad sad stuff. So, in honor of our three-legged, hyper-loud, sweet as anything, 16- year- old furry family member, I will post a pic. It's one of her enjoying the backyard of our old home when she was still well enough to spend her time doing just that.

The house has been really quiet without her ( she was VERY vocal) and we miss her terribly. Love to you, Pearly Girl.


Anonymous said...

Your poor girls! If they like/can tolerate the strong taste of ginger, I recommend boiling two inches of chopped, peeled fresh ginger root in water for about 10 minutes, and having them drink it. My mother used to do this for me, and it really helped. For what it's worth, anyway.

I'm so sorry about your beautiful kitty! I have no doubt that your family gave Pearl many wonderful years. I know you can never replace a beloved pet, but if you decide that that you'd like to remedy the state of "meowless"-ness, I know a wonderful woman who does cat and kitten adoptions in the LA area.

Sending you lots of good vibes over the blogosphere!

nancy@lightonance.com said...

Oh Trace, I'm so sorry. She was the loudest cat I've ever known, what a voice and she wasn't afraid to use it! Furry friends are such comfort. Thinking of you, doll.