Wednesday, April 19, 2006

As if it's not enough that the most frequently used word in my vocabulary is "blog" these days, I've had to drag my family along. I really should get a life.

Last night we went to eat at a local Sushi Bar. Iris (a mere 2) pours a handful of etamames (sp?) into her mini-bowl, tears open her chopsticks, positions them in her hand like she knows what she's doing, and starts chowing down these wet, slippery little soy beans USING HER CHOPSTICKS! No kidding. No guidance, no instruction, she just instinctually uses two sticks as eating utensils. Just like that. I was freaking out, of course, and whipped out me camera, of course, and started shooting pictures of my baby genius demonstrating her latest talent.

I caused a spectacle, of course, and in the midst of all the excitement, Julia (8) blurted out, "Mom, you can blog about this!" in one of her many lightbulb moments.

I don't know about you, but I think I've found myself a muse.

4 comments: said...

Oh my goodness Trace, look at that!! I would have been equally amazed - how great that you caught the moment. This is one of those times when instinct just kicks in - makes you think Iris was a Japanese queen in another life. Quite possibly. Julia has always been your cheerleader, what a sweetie. Hugs to them from me please.

Mom101 said...

WOW I need to send this to my brother. He's 35 and still can't use chopsticks.

Anonymous said...

How cool is that? Now I understand why my mother carried her camera with her everywhere - you never know when you'll find yourself in the midst of an Amazing Baby Moment.

I always wondered how babies in chopstick-using cultures learned to do it, but maybe it really is just an instinct thing. Amazing.

Stacy said...

Ha! That's too funny! I guess it's good you carry your camera around then.