Sunday, March 19, 2006

Chuck E. Cheese:
Where a kid can be a kid and a mom can get a beer.

Pictured here (from left to right) Chuck, Iris, my beer (see it there-near the steering wheel?) and myself in the Chuck E. Mobile. My oldest daughter (not pictured) was busy racking up tickets to get her choice of a top-of-the-line plastic prize.

We had a family friend down to visit for the weekend and while he and my husband were sipping Cabernet at a chic LA art opening, my daughters and I got our game on at the local Chuck E. Cheese’s. Where else can you go out in public and drink while your kids run crazy? That’s how my weekend began. And it ended with an early Sunday morning birthday romp at Pump It Up- Where a kid can jump around on gigantic jumpy things and a mom can too. Why the hell not? Thank God for pizza (again).

Always something exciting going on here! I can hardly wait to see what the week ahead holds! Here’s a hint…Monday Skate Night. Ooooooo. Aaaahhh.


Anonymous said...

YAY I can post!

And, you are such a good mommy... chuck e cheese?!!! said...

Congratulations on getting noticed on Cool Mom Picks. And so it begins. Didn't I tell ya, didn't I tell ya??! Trace on the verge. I love you girl.