Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Prince Charming

Since my little sister is getting married in March and my step-brother is getting married in May there has been a lot of talk about weddings around here.

Today in the car, out of the blue my youngest daughter sighs, "I want to get married."
"You do?" I ask, "Well, you can get married when you grow up. Who do you want to marry?"
"Daddy" she replied dreamily.
"What else do you want to do when you grow up?" thinking this was a good time to sneak a peek into her head.
"Be a doctor" she says.
"Great," I say, "And anything else?"
"Ride my big bike" she says and rolls her eyes as if she's tired of me probing.
I summarize, "So, you want to marry Daddy, be a doctor and ride your big bike when you grow up."
She sighs again and tilts her head against the car seat, "Daddy is sooooooo handsome."

And although I wholeheartedly agree, I'm now convinced she's seen one too many Princess movies.


sweetsalty kate said...

this would have me floating on air for a week, to hear my daughter adoring the fella I chose to be her daddy. :)

Left-handed Trees... said...

Too cute--my son is still telling me he plans to marry me and hasn't seen (very many) princess movies. Hey, it does me good to hear I am a "beautiful angel", even if it is a six year old who thinks so!

Karianna said...

Oh, to have girls!

My six year old says I am silly looking and he calls his father a beetle.

la vie en rose said...


anna said...

I remember the day that I broke the news to my Oldest, who was about four at the time and wanted me to sleep in his bed with him, that "I sleep with Daddy." Oh that boy wept as if his heart were breaking, and I guess, in those moments, it is. Luckily, they bounce back and get their first real crush soon after. And never look back.

melody said...

Little girls, so precious.

I remember the days when each of my 4 boys wanted to "marry mommy". Aaahhh, the good old days.

They do call me their princess and say I'm beautiful, so I'm good.

Mom101 said...

Am I totally cheesy for thinking it's adorable?

sweatpantsmom said...

My oldest brother is getting married in March. Both my girls have decided they're NEVER GETTING MARRIED.



Pendullum said...

My husband painstakenly built a castle in out backyard equipped with a hub for a space station... It has a slide and a great look out...
When it was finished he brought our daughter out and said'Taahhhdaahhh'
And with that she burst into tears and flew into my arms,,,
'Honey, what wrong?' I asked
'I'm not done living with you guys yet...'
She thought this was her starter home...
She then informed us that she was A/never getting married and B/never leaving us...

tracey said...

I love all your comments! Of course, I think it's sweet too. Just damn funny!

And Pendullum, that story is priceless. I can't believe she thought you aere kicking her out! ; )

Jessica New said...

Kids say the funniest things.... Don't They?
Taylar's newest thing is telling me how much HONEY, our Chihuahua looks like me.... I think that is pretty cute.... No one else can say I look like a dog though. Ha-Ha!