Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Open Your Heart

In the spirit of true Thanks and Giving, Kelly Rae Roberts is hosting a fundraiser full of heart. She and Jen Lemen are working together to make a little magic happen in Rwanda. The money donated will go directly to building Odette's mother Esteria's house. The one she's got now has since collapsed and is uninhabitable. And Kelly Rae is even giving away one of her amazing paintings as an incentive. Giving and Giving. It's so inspiring.

With even the smallest donations we can create something big together. Visit Kelly Rae's blog and donate what you can. Let's help make the magic happen, shall we?


kelly rae said...

you are awesome, tracey clark :)
thanks for this.

Elizabeth Harper said...

It seems like an easy thing to make happen, a little here and a bit more from there...I can't wait to see Esteria's new house, safe and whole, built from kindness and compassion along with a few traditional building materials.

melody is slurping life said...

I *heart* Kelly Rae (I am in the middle of her book). This is an amazing project and I pray blessings upon it.