Sunday, October 05, 2008

Shopping Some Best Shots

Our Sunday consisted of a large list of to-dos. The shoe store, Home Depot and the super market. Of course, the camera came with me. Who knew that taking photos in the super market can actually make for a pretty hilarious (and even fun) outing. For a day filled with errands, my girls and I had a pretty good go of it.

The two I'm sharing for my best shot(s) are among my favorites of the 100 photos I took today. Yes, 100! I will add however that the girls got in on the action too so they shot a fraction of the 100. But still! Wow. Talk about trigger happy!

And speaking of running errands and being trigger happy...did you know that you can pop into a Long Drugs and get photos and other photo related products while you shop? HP has a new photo kiosk where it all can happen right there in front of your eyes. Even calendars and cool collage photos. Just one more way to get some of your Best Shots off of your computer and made into something tangible! Something I need to do more often. How about you? I guess this 'week in the life' project has really got me thinking about ways to help myself and my family enjoy the photos I take everyday.

And as a little incentive for those of you with a local Longs Drugs in your neighborhood, when I signed up in the Longs Studio Club I got a coupon for bogo free poster. Woot! And for those of you in California, I actually have a coupon to share with you for a bogo free calendar right here. Compliments of Blue Suit Mom. Enjoy!

Happy Best Shot Monday! Can't wait to see yours.


Maggie said...

What a to do list you had! I love the shots you picked -- it looks like you had a great time shopping!

Here's my best shot!

Megan said...

that is WAY more fun than i have at the grosh :).


Crunchy Domestic Goddess said...

oh, i love these, especially the first one. the colors are just so vibrant.
i often think i should take my camera w/ me to the store. maybe i will remember it one of these days.

mine this week involves some backyard fall fun. :)

melody is slurping life said...

Totally hearting that backward head hanging shot. If you have to do errands, might as well have fun. Good job, T.

We had some creative, messy fun last week...

Best Shot Monday

Joanna said...

I agree with Crunchy...the colors are what caught my eye first. I totally need to take my cam grocery shopping!

Here's my BSM.

Jaimee said...

What fun shots! I love the perspective in the first and the "monkey" in the second!

I have a tale to tell about our own monkey along with my best shot today!

Marie said...

Wonderful shopping shots! I never minded taking my children shopping with me. I miss those days now that I am on my own with just my Todd for company!

Here's my shot for the week:

Golightly said...

I love these, I have some shots of Harrison in Trader Joes from a few months ago that I never posted.

Here's my best shot Although it was hard to decide on which one from a busy weekend.

HipMomma said...

Sometimes I feel a little like doing that myself while grocery shopping. 'Cept it's because I really loathe grocery shopping.

My Best Shot

Leah said...

I always have a hard time getting over self-consciousness when taking pics in grocery stores. I'm glad I got through it through because I really like some of the ones I ended up capturing. :)

Here's my best shot.

Andrea said...

LOVE the different perspective of the first shot! And yes, it's so different, to get pictures in a grocery store.

Here's the beauty I saw this week.

Colleen said...

What a busy day!

The first shot is wonderful... I just love all of the neatly shelved juice.

We ran quite a few errands this weekend too... but our camera had a lot less action than yours!


MGF said...

The supermarket in a new light.

Frozen Eights said...

I applaud you for whipping out your camera in the store. I'm too embarrassed to do that.

Here's my best shot(s):

Brittany said...

I absolutely LOVE those shots. I think I like the candy aisle the best... lol

Here's My Best Shot

Amy Jo said...

So cool! I have wanted to take my camera to the grocery store before, but there are big signs on the entrances that say cameras and video camera are prohibited. I've seen this in other grocery stores as well. Weird! You guys look like you were having fun, though!

Here are some of my best shots. We had a glorious fall weekend here in Philly, so we got outside a bunch.

Kimberly said...

Hmm, looks like I need to drag my camera into the grocery store more often. :)

My BSM is up here.

Arizaphale said...

Hi Tracey!
Long time no is too busy for words, or photos sometimes ;-)
Love that second shot in the trolley! A great one to come back too after a long absence.
Here's my contribution.
best shots?

Blueberry said...

ha ha! love that second shot!!

here's my best shot

Jen said...

I have never even considered bringing my camera to the grocery store. I love that first shot. Very real.
Here's mine:
Painted Hand Festival

Dawn said...

Cute pictures!!

pinwheel & parasol

kim said...

I love that second shot! Who'd have thought about bringing the camera with to the grocery store. What fun pics!
Here's my BSM:
American Girl Story

Mandaroo said...

Those are great. I love that you took such a mundane task (grocery shopping!) and turned it into such a fun exciting day. Love that 2nd one especially!
I'll post a bsm later, still working on it.

Stacy said...

Oh, too cute!

I have a very similar shot of my daughter today, only she's upside down in the swing LOL!

*sigh* One of these days I need to figure out how to put link in right.

Never That Easy said...

I love it: you always have such interesting perspectives to share!

Here's my shot for the week

Chris said...

I think markets, or any store for that matter, are a great place for photo ops with the kids. Love the shots!
Here's my BSM:

Donna Blessed Nest said...

Love it!! Little shopper!

Pop on over we have the sweetest baby boy ever!

Killlashandra said...

I love the shot of her hanging out of the basket. Too cute! And when you've got a lot of errands to do taking picture adds a little more fun to all the running around. :)

Although mine is all about a lizard this week.

Cara said...

The one of her upside down is great, I love that your in the candy aisle!
I also think I may start carrying my camera to do errands, never thought of it.

Mandaroo said...

Came back to post a bsm. Kind of a weird one, but I liked the shot nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the insight into the goofy grocery shopping a few years down the road!

Here's mine...better late than never!

Maya said...

I am so far behind on my blog reading and haven't done best shot monday forever. But finally got time to stop by and I love the grocery shots! Way fun!