Wednesday, April 16, 2008

You're on the Air

Well, actually we're on the air.
But you could be too.

All you have to do is call in to chat with Kate and I LIVE this evening from 6-6:30pm PST to Motherhood Uncensored's Blog Talk Radio show. Want more info? Click HERE.


Edited to write: To listen to the show, see the sidebar (over there to the right) for the play button!


Anonymous said...

dang diggity dang! i even had myself sent an email reminder, but alas, after a long day i fell asleep with my son. i woke up drool stained rushing to hear the last 1 freaking minute of the radio show! i imagine that she will archive it for those as lame as me?!

Jessica said...

Now your taking over the radio waves too?
Is there anything you can't do?
TV & Movies next!!! Love U SIS....