Friday, December 21, 2007

Closed Door, Open Window

As you might already know, I have said my good-byes at Picture This on ClubMom. Sniff sniff. But before I left I handed off the Thursday's Themes to Stacy at The Land of Ka.

The theme this week was WINDOW which I thought was fab as I am a big fan of window light of almost any kind. Plus, I can't help but think of that quote about one closing door could mean an open window or something like that. However it goes, I like the meaning behind it as it feels appropriate right now.

This photo came to mind instantly. I love the backlight flair and I love my girl in her jammies. I'm a day late (is it Friday already?)but hey, better late than never I always say. To see other interpretations on the theme pop over to The Land of Ka.
See you Monday for Best Shot Monday, kay?


Colleen said...

Love those toes!

Stacy said...

That is such a sweet shot, Tracey. I love backlighting, too, it adds such softness. Your little girl is so cute all barefoot in her jammies. :)

Melody A. said...

I love my girls in their jammies, too. I'll be here Monday.

Golightly said...

What a sweet picture. I love the warm light flowing in and around her.
See you Monday!

Amy said...

I love this picture. Such attitude. Composition, light, wonderful. And it just seems like a regular morning, captured.

Joseph Russo said...

I love when people leave their blinds or curtains drawn open at dusk, allowing me to crane my neck as I walk past and peer momentarily inside. A small open crack into someones house, into another life much like or unlike my own.
I love the window open when I am inside and I love when either or both of my two cats, Omar & Olive, sit or lie in the sill.
Another great word documentary project L & S... bravo!
Seattle windows and doors