Monday, November 06, 2006


OK, I'm not usually political on my blogs. But tomorrow is election day and I feel compelled to urge you to vote. There's no excuse not to take a small fraction of your day tomorrow to vote and be heard.

It's important. It's really important. And if you're in California the stakes for women are even higher. Even if you haven't studied up on "the issues", you've still got some time (like tonight after the kids are in bed).

And if you have any question about Prop 85, please visit citymama's highly informative blog sometime today and you will get an idea about how close we are to loosing our freedom as women.



CityMama said...

Thanks for blogging this, tracey!

Her Bad Mother said...

Am Canadian, so can't vote, but I'm still rah-rahing and pumping fists in air behind you as you holler at people to get out and vote.