Friday, June 23, 2006


So far this summer, Iris has mastered riding her tricycle. And yes, she's wearing snowflake pants in June. I know.

Luckily her super-skill has coincided with Julia's enthusiasm about her new beach cruiser. Yes, I know I shot directly into the sun. I know.

Besides getting some well-needed exercise, this can only mean one thing; walks around and around the neighborhood. A few times a day even, if you can imagine. I'm a big fan of the great outdoors. I just don't get out as often as I should. Until now. With the bikes, comes the need for adult supervision. I guess that means me.

Indeed, it does. And resistance is futile because I'm not good with whining and if I try to put the over-zealous little Lance Armstongs off, well, there's lots of it. I must succumb to the call of the wild. And if you're reading a little reluctance here, you're reading right. Which is really so ridiculous because it never fails that when we've come home after a summer saunter (that's what I do, I saunter, while the girls put their 'pedals' to the metal) I always feel refreshed, revived and ready to run back to my computer and blog about it.

I'm hopeless. I know.

**mama says om


mothergoosemouse said...

I love the pictures.

The other day, I put CJ on Tacy's bike and held the handlebars and pushed. She loved it. I'm afraid I may need to buy a tricycle.

Motherhood Uncensored said...

That's all Q wants for her b-day.

" a baby bike "

over and over and over again.

one smarmy mama said...

It must be MUCH cooler where you are.........I took the kiddos out this morning at 10am and it was already 90.

Waya said...

My 16 months old has been waddling over to her oldest brother's bike (he's 5) every day and tapping on the seat, telling me to put her on it.

I'd amuse her, obliged and put her on the seat while holding on to the handle bar. She satisfactorily sat on that bike while I pushed her around.

And at the end of the ride, my back would hurt from bending down. Oh, how I'm getting too old for this.

Mom101 said...

When you're done taking perfect pictures of your gorgeous child, I sort of tagged you for a meme. You don't have to do it if you don't want---blame your sixteen websites.

la vie en rose said...

i'm all for a lovely saunter around the block as long as i don't have to sweat....but that ususally doesn't happen in the summer in west texas...

H.A.Page said...

Learning to ride a tricycle and a bike ... life's passages.

However, tying shoes and reading a watch/clock will be different for this group.

Velcro and digital.
My how things change while others remain the same.

Catizhere said...

Maggie has the same pants.

Tere said...

You really do take awesome pictures.